Rachel Brian has been illustrating and designing since birth (more or less).  She learned how to create beautiful fonts from her artist mother at age 10, and honed her speed while taking Organic Chemistry at Brown University (where she had the loveliest class notes, unfortunately they did not count towards her grade).  After getting her Master’s Degree in educational psychology, she started her own retail business, designing her own clothing line in the process.  More recently, she has taken to creating forty-foot murals at conferences for folks such as the Hewlett Foundation, Buck Institute, Rhode Island Partnerships Project, Big Picture Learning and others.  She has put her speedy illustrations to use creating whiteboard animations for authors and startup companies.


Visuals that tell a story - 
As a former small business owner, Rachel’s strength lies in helping people use visuals to convey the essence of their brand.

Illustration that engage around ideas - 
As an educator with 20 years experience teaching project based math and science in high school and college, Rachel knows that the key to getting your message across is to engage people – showing your ideas – rather than telling –  helps others get excited.

Banana-nutella crepes.  Why are they so delicious?


To understand your goals and use graphics, videos and illustrations to give them more resonance.  Email me for a free quote on your next project:  rachelannbrian@gmail.com